The Right Faucet for Your Small Bathroom

The Right Faucet for Your Small Bathroom

Choosing the right faucet is one of the most important decisions when remodeling a small bathroom. The faucet serves as a focal point and can make the difference between a bathroom that feels cramped and awkward versus one that feels luxurious and spa-like. With the right faucet, even the tiniest powder room can feel special.

However, with so many sizes, styles, and finishes to choose from, it can be tricky to select the perfect faucet for your small space. The key is finding the right balance between looks, function, and fitting within your existing sink and holes. You'll also want to consider features like water efficiency and compact footprints that maximize your limited real estate.

This guide will walk you through all the factors to keep in mind when selecting a faucet for a small bathroom remodel. With the right information, you can feel confident you'll choose the perfect focal point to tie your whole new look together.


Faucet Types for Small Bathrooms

When choosing a faucet for a small bathroom, opt for a compact style that will maximize your limited space. Here are some of the most common faucet types to consider:

Widespread Faucets

Widespread faucets have separate handles for hot and cold water that are connected under the sink to a shared spout. While widespread faucets work well in larger bathrooms, they take up a lot of counter space that small bathrooms lack.

Center set Faucets

Center set faucets have handles set 4 inches apart on a single base that connects to the spout. The compact design takes up minimal counter space, making center set faucets ideal for small bathrooms.

Single-Hole Faucets

As the name suggests, single-hole faucets have the handles and spout in one compact assembly that fits through a single hole in your sink or counter. This space-saving design is perfect for tiny bathrooms.

Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets attach directly to the wall rather than your sink. By mounting the faucet on the wall, your free up counter space for other items. Wall-mounted faucets work well in small bathrooms. 

Vessel Faucets

Vessel faucets sit atop a sink basin rather than mounting inside it. The tall spout lets you fill the vessel sink without splashing water over the sides. Vessel faucets create a modern look in small bathrooms.

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Compact Styles and Sizes

When choosing a faucet for a small bathroom, opt for a compact style and size. Consider the spout reach and height to ensure the faucet is in proportion to your sink size.

The spout reach refers to how far the faucet extends over your sink. For a small bathroom, look for a faucet with a spout reach of 4-6 inches. This will provide adequate clearance without extending too far. 

The spout height matters too. Aim for a spout height of around 8 inches, measured from the base of the faucet up to the spout outlet. This provides sufficient clearance between the faucet and bottom of the sink.

Stick to compact widespread and single-hole faucet styles, which take up less surface area. Or go for a wall-mounted faucet to save the most space. This allows positioning the faucet precisely where you need it.

Finish Options

When it comes to faucet finishes, you have lots of options to choose from. But for small bathrooms, some finishes tend to work better than others. Here are a few top choices:

Brushed Nickel: This versatile metal finish has a soft, brushed texture that helps hide water spots and fingerprints. Brushed nickel works with almost any decor style, from traditional to modern. It's darker than chrome but lighter than many bronze finishes. Brushed nickel is recommended by Houzz as an alternative to chrome that still gives a shiny look but with more warmth and depth.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze: This finish has an antique old-world look, with a dark color and satin sheen. Oil-rubbed bronze pairs well with vintage, cottage, or farmhouse decor. The dark color helps make a small bathroom feel cozy rather than cramped. Watermark Designs notes oil-rubbed bronze as one of the top 5 faucet finishes to invigorate a bathroom.

Matte Black: For a modern, sleek look, choose a matte black faucet. This finish looks great against white fixtures or tile. Matte black has a soft glow rather than a high shine. Delta Faucet recommends it for contemporary, urban bathrooms. The dark color makes a statement without glossy reflections.

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Smart Faucet Options

Smart faucets equipped with motion sensor and touchless technologies are great options for small bathrooms. These faucets turn on and off automatically using motion detection, allowing for hands-free operation that increases hygiene and convenience. Many models also include smart home connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth, or voice control, allowing you to control the faucet remotely.

When choosing a smart faucet, look for adjustable sensor range, reliable motion detection, and water-saving features. Smart connectivity allows you to control your faucet remotely via smartphone, voice assistant, or home automation system. This adds high-tech convenience perfect for a small, modern bathroom.

When selecting a faucet for a small bathroom remodel, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First, carefully measure your existing sink and faucet holes to find a replacement that will fit the space. Compact faucet styles like widespread and center set models allow you to place handles and spouts close together to maximize your small sink.

Water efficiency features like aerators help conserve water, while useful extras like pull-down sprayers, motion sensors, and magnetic docking provide convenience in a tight space. The finish you choose also impacts the look and feel - brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and polished chrome are popular choices that complement small bathrooms.

With some careful planning and measurement, you can find the perfect faucet that not only fits but also provides the right features, efficiency, and style for your small bathroom remodel. Paying attention to the details like size, features, and finishes will ensure you get a faucet that maximizes your limited space. Shop our large selection of bathroom sink faucets at to obtain the perfect faucet!