DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection

DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection

Introducing DXV Modulus

DXV Modulus is an exciting new bathroom collection recently launched by luxury plumbing brand DXV. This innovative line transforms the bathroom into a sanctuary of personal expression with its blend of functional elegance and spectacular minimalist design.

Modulus brings a fresh, modern aesthetic to the bathroom while also focusing on flexibility and seamless customization. The collection includes a range of coordinating pieces from vanities, mirrors and lighting to faucets, showers and accessories. Every element was thoughtfully designed to work together in perfect harmony.

At the heart of Modulus is a dedication to intentional, systemic design that attends to every need. The variety of mix-and-match options allows for effortless adaptability, enabling you to create a bathroom tailored to your unique style and space. Despite the vast possibilities, the overall look remains cohesive thanks to the unifying thread of simple, geometric forms throughout.

This new collection represents DXV's commitment to pushing boundaries and redefining luxury in the modern bathroom. If you're searching for a bathroom oasis that combines sophistication and personalization, Modulus delivers a truly elevated experience.

Design Inspiration

Modulus embodies the DXV aesthetic of functional elegance and spectacular simplicity. The collection was designed with the intent of creating a haven of unique, personal expression.

The Modulus designers drew inspiration from modern architecture and interior design. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and an overall minimalist style define the look. Yet despite the simplicity, Modulus makes a statement.

The modular components allow for impressive flexibility and adaptability. This enables users to create their own custom configurations to match their personal style. Modulus embraces both form and function.

The collection exudes an artistic sensibility. The aesthetic conveys beauty through symmetry and thoughtful details. Every aspect was meticulously designed with purpose.

Modulus reflects a harmony between style and utility. It's an intentional collection crafted to satisfy and inspire. The designs attend to every need while enabling personalized expression.

Functional Features

DXV Modulus is designed for effortless flexibility and adaptability with an array of functional features. The collection includes a range of bathroom fixtures and accessories that are created to be versatile and attend to every need.

Some key functional features of DXV Modulus include:

  • Adjustable drawer organizers that can be configured to store anything from cosmetics to toiletries. The removable compartments make it easy to customize the storage to your needs.

  • Towel warmers with temperature settings to keep towels warm and dry. The modular design allows you to add additional bars as needed.

  • Robern medicine cabinets with adjustable storage to fit anything from bottles to boxes. The interiors feature glass shelves that can be arranged to your preferences.

  • Water closets with adjustable heights from 15 to 19 inches to accommodate users of different statures. Elongated bowls provide added room and comfort.

  • Faucets and shower systems with pressure balance valves to maintain water temperature during pressure fluctuations. High performance components deliver optimal water flow.

  • Lighted mirrors with defoggers, adjustable magnification, and dimming capabilities for the ideal visibility.

  • Shelving systems and modular components that can be mixed and matched to create the ideal layout for your space.

The well-designed functional features of DXV Modulus allow for an effortless, flexible, and customizable bathroom experience. Every detail attends to the user's needs with options to configure the space for optimal utility.

Aesthetic Details

DXV Modulus impresses with its minimalist elegance and attention to aesthetic details. The collection features clean, contemporary lines with a high-end, sophisticated look.

Despite the streamlined silhouette, each piece contains thoughtful styling. For example, the elongated rectangular shapes add a subtle dimension, while the rounded corners soften the linear aesthetic. The faucet spouts are slender and tapered, almost blade-like in their precision.

The collection is available in a striking matte black finish that radiates luxury. The dark color palette allows the graceful forms to take center stage. Visually, the pieces feel both bold and understated.

Every detail was carefully considered, from the sleek levers to the geometric accessories. The cohesive design language ties the entire collection together into a holistic vision. DXV Modulus achieves elegance not through ornate accents but through restraint and consistency. This gives the collection an adaptable, timeless aesthetic.

Available Pieces

The DXV Modulus collection offers a wide range of bathroom fixtures and accessories to create your ideal space. Choose from a variety of toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, bathtubs, and more.


The collection includes one-piece and two-piece toilets in elongated and round bowl configurations. Popular choices include the sleek one-piece Modulus Labyrinth toilet and the Modulus Quattro two-piece toilet. Both offer comfortable heights and powerful flushing performance.


Select from a range of above-counter, semi-recessed, undermount, and wall-hung sinks. Styles range from modern rectangular to oval for bathrooms of all sizes. Many sinks include overflow drains and are made of Vitreous China for durability.


DXV offers widespread and single-hole bathroom faucets featuring crisp, geometric designs. Choose from polished chrome, brushed nickel, or matte black finishes. Faucet features include ceramic disc valves, ADA-compliant levers, and water-efficient aerators.


Make your shower a spa-like retreat with DXV's rainheads, handshowers, shower arms, valves, and more. Products include the Modulus Quattro shower system with an exhilarating 8-function handshower.


Soak in sophistication with freestanding tubs like the Modulus Labyrinth tub made of solid Vikrell material. Alcove tubs are also available. All tubs feature ergonomic designs, lumbar support, and sloped seats for comfort.

With this extensive selection of pieces, you can design a DXV Modulus bathroom that meets your unique vision. Reach out to a showroom for help picking your perfect combination.

Smart Technology

DXV Modulus features several innovative technologies to provide convenience and customization. The integrated smart drain allows for easy cleaning and maintenance by simply twisting off the cover plate.

The 3D printed metal faucets showcase advanced manufacturing methods to create intricate designs not possible with traditional techniques. Microchip technology enables users to program and save their preferred water temperature and flow settings.

The showers include digital interfaces to control all features through an intuitive touchscreen panel. Users can set their ideal shower environment, from water temperature to ambient lighting colors. Integrated sensors even detect when you're approaching and automatically turn on the shower to your preset preferences.

With its focus on smart tech integration, DXV Modulus delivers an exceptionally personalized bathing experience tailored to your unique needs and tastes. The innovations blend seamlessly into the minimalist style, advancing convenience without compromising the refined aesthetic.

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