PlumbTile is dedicated to promoting Eco-friendly, GREEN technology brands and services. From Energy & Water Saving to Recycling, shop GREEN and SAVE, plus help support Green Causes.

Buy Green For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

We encourage you to check out GREEN products and programs from these manufacturers:

Green Remodeling Tips For your Bathroom & Kitchen

We have put together some of the best resources to help with your green remodeling projects.

Green Product Ideas For Your Bathroom & Kitchen

  • Install Water closets that are coded at 1.5 gallons per flush.
  • Use two level flush systems. One for liquid waste, uses less than a gallon, and one for the solid waste.
  • Try a Bidet, a very hygienic plumbing fixture that replaces need for a daily shower.
  • Washlet toilet seats
  • Waterless urinals
  • Sensor faucets for residential use are a smart idea, especially for children
  • Tankless water heaters are quick, clean and saves water
  • Panasonic fans are very energy efficient.
  • Low flow/High pressure faucets and shower heads limit water use.

Try these products today and save money while reducing your water and energy use!

Supporting Green Causes


Make a difference with every purchase you make at PlumbTile. We are dedicated to supporting the environmental causes that are important to our customers. Each year we donate a portion of our after-tax profits to support the cause that is most requested by our customers.

In addition to purchasing from PlumbTile, you can support your favorite cause by:

  1. Telling your friends and family how they can support environmental causes by purchasing from PlumbTile and voting for their favorite cause.

  2. Learn more about making environmentally responsible choices by visiting these websites:

  3. Make a direct donation or volunteer with the organization that you believe will make the greatest impact on our world.

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