Waterstone - Traditional 12 Inch Heavy Drawer Pull

  • Go big! Waterstone's 12 Inch heavy duty cabinet pulls are perfect for those big drawers or dishwashers. Elegant and solid, these heavy drawer or dishwasher handle brings the entire traditional kitchen design together. The Waterstone cabinet hardware collection is custom made to match your kitchen faucets in both style and finish. Stop searching for cabinet hardware that is "close enough." Lifetime functional warranty and made in the USA. These vintage style heavy kitchen drawer pulls and dishwasher pulls are a compliment to not only your kitchen faucet, but it's traditional design as well. Available in 32 elegant finishes.
  • Ideal for heavy cabinet drawers or dishwashers.
    12 Inch wide on center heavy drawer pull.
    Matches all Waterstone traditional faucets.
    Includes mounting hardware.
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): HTP-1200-CH, HTP-1200-ABZ, HTP-1200-ORB, HTP-1200-SC, HTP-1200-TB, HTP-1200-BLN, HTP-1200-CB, HTP-1200-CHB, HTP-1200-CLZ, HTP-1200-MB, HTP-1200-PB, HTP-1200-PN, HTP-1200-SB, HTP-1200-SN, HTP-1200-UPB, HTP-1200-AB, HTP-1200-AC, HTP-1200-AMB, HTP-1200-AP, HTP-1200-DAB, HTP-1200-DAC, HTP-1200-DAMB, HTP-1200-DAP, HTP-1200-GR, HTP-1200-MAP, HTP-1200-MAC, HTP-1200-MAB, HTP-1200-MW, HTP-1200-PC
$141.00 $188.00
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