Waterstone - Industrial Air Gap - Single Port

  • Don’t contaminate your clean dishes. Waterstone Industrial Single Port Air Gap prevents dirty drain water from the dishwasher from backing up into the water supply or RO system. Not only is the air gap unit designed to stop brine water and reduce dirt in your kitchen pipes, but will look good in the process. Modern knurling design matches all Industrial PLP Pulldown Faucet Suites. Cover is made from eco-friendly solid brass or stainless steel construction and available in 32 finishes or 316 solid stainless steel. Made in the USA and comes with a lifetime functional warranty.
  • Prevents dishwasher back flow and dirt buildup.
    Matches all Industrial PLP Pulldown Faucets.
    Cover hides upper nut and washer edges.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 9020-CH, 9020-ABZ, 9020-ORB, 9020-SC, 9020-TB, 9020-BLN, 9020-CB, 9020-CHB, 9020-CLZ, 9020-MB, 9020-PB, 9020-PN, 9020-SB, 9020-SN, 9020-UPB, 9020-AB, 9020-AC, 9020-AMB, 9020-AP, 9020-DAB, 9020-DAC, 9020-DAMB, 9020-DAP, 9020-GR, 9020-MAP, 9020-MAC, 9020-MAB, 9020-MW, 9020-PC, 9020-SS
$222.75 $297.00
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