Waterstone - Industrial Air Switch

  • No more reaching for a wall switch. Our above the deck garbage disposal air switch is a convenient alternative and adds a industrial touch to the modern kitchen sink area. Air-activated and easily mounts to the sink or counter top. A perfect solution for any modern kitchen island and works with any disposal. A two-outlet under sink design provides a power source for both the disposal and a hot tank. Make it a part of any Waterstone Industrial PLP Pulldown Faucet Suites. ADA compliant. Lifetime functional warranty and Made in the USA. Available in 32 elegant finishes and solid 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Convenient alternative to a wall switch.
    Matches all Industrial PLP Pulldown Faucets.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 9010-CH, 9010-ABZ, 9010-ORB, 9010-SC, 9010-TB, 9010-BLN, 9010-CB, 9010-CHB, 9010-CLZ, 9010-MB, 9010-PB, 9010-PN, 9010-SB, 9010-SN, 9010-UPB, 9010-AB, 9010-AC, 9010-AMB, 9010-AP, 9010-DAB, 9010-DAC, 9010-DAMB, 9010-DAP, 9010-GR, 9010-MAP, 9010-MAC, 9010-MAB, 9010-MW, 9010-PC, 9010-SS
$339.75 $453.00
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