Waterstone - Towson Kitchen Faucet - 12 Inch Articulated Spout - 3Pc. Suite

  • The Waterstone 4100-12-3 is a collection of faucet and accessories with a traditional look and today's ingenuity. It starts with our unique traditional Towson Kitchen Faucet with an articulated spout. An elegant design that provides a professional functionality. The matching side spray has an ergonomic insulated handle and wide spray pattern. The soap/lotion dispenser replaces the ugly soap pump bottles that can clutter a sink. The air-powered disposal switch is a convenient alternative to a wall switch. All accessories match the faucet in both style and finish. Towson's innovative design will enhance the look of any traditional kitchen.
  • Suite includes faucet, side spray, soap dispenser and air switch.
    Faucet and accessories match in both style and finish.
    Faucet has an articulated spout with a 12 Inch reach.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 4100-12-3-CH, 4100-12-3-ABZ, 4100-12-3-ORB, 4100-12-3-SC, 4100-12-3-TB, 4100-12-3-BLN, 4100-12-3-CB, 4100-12-3-CHB, 4100-12-3-CLZ, 4100-12-3-MB, 4100-12-3-PB, 4100-12-3-PN, 4100-12-3-SB, 4100-12-3-SN, 4100-12-3-UPB, 4100-12-3-AB, 4100-12-3-AC, 4100-12-3-AMB, 4100-12-3-AP, 4100-12-3-DAB, 4100-12-3-DAC, 4100-12-3-DAMB, 4100-12-3-DAP, 4100-12-3-GR, 4100-12-3-MAP, 4100-12-3-MAC, 4100-12-3-MAB, 4100-12-3-MW, 4100-12-3-PC
$2,883.75 $3,845.00
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