Waterstone - Hunley Kitchen Faucet - 12 Inch Articulated Spout

  • A genuine blend of art with technology. The Hunley kitchen faucet is perfect for modern kitchen designs. Inspired by a Civil War submarine, the Hunley's innovative design has a touch of the past with today's quality and craftsmanship. The sleek, articulated spout with a 12" reach can swivel 360 degrees to get every corner of the kitchen sink. The single lever handle can be easily mounted and positioned with handle in front, right or left. For backsplash clearance, the handle can adjusted 22.5 degrees in either direction. Aerated tip has a 1.75 gpm maximum flow rate. Crafted from the best solid brass or stainless steel for years of durability. Add matching accessories or filtrations faucets to create a sink area that will become a contemporary showcase and have all your friends talking. Waterstone is the only kitchen faucet manufacturer that offers accessories and filtration faucets that match in both style and finish. All Waterstone kitchen faucets include a built-in diverter for connection to optional sink side spray. Complete Hunley Suite with a soap lotion dispenser, garbage disposal air switch, and dishwasher air gap. For great tasting, clean water, the Hunley is compatible with reverse osmosis filtration systems. Available in 32 beautiful finishes and stainless steel. Comes with a lifetime functional warranty. Hunley's stunning look will become the centerpiece of your modern style kitchen design. And, it’s made in America!
  • Articulated spout has 12 Inch reach and can swivel 360 degrees.
    1.75 gpm maximum flow rate with aerated tip.
    Equipped with spray diverter for optional side spray.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 3600-12-CH, 3600-12-ABZ, 3600-12-ORB, 3600-12-SC, 3600-12-TB, 3600-12-BLN, 3600-12-CB, 3600-12-CHB, 3600-12-CLZ, 3600-12-MB, 3600-12-PB, 3600-12-PN, 3600-12-SB, 3600-12-SN, 3600-12-UPB, 3600-12-AB, 3600-12-AC, 3600-12-AMB, 3600-12-AP, 3600-12-DAB, 3600-12-DAC, 3600-12-DAMB, 3600-12-DAP, 3600-12-GR, 3600-12-MAP, 3600-12-MAC, 3600-12-MAB, 3600-12-MW, 3600-12-PC, 3600-12-SS
$1,590.75 $2,121.00
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