Waterstone - Fulton Modern Plp Pulldown Faucet - Angled Spout - Toggle Sprayer - 3 Pc. Suite

  • Suite includes faucet, soap dispenser and air switch.
    Faucet and accessories match in both style and finish.
    Modern diamond knurling gives industrial look.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 10320-3-CH, 10320-3-ABZ, 10320-3-ORB, 10320-3-SC, 10320-3-TB, 10320-3-BLN, 10320-3-CB, 10320-3-CHB, 10320-3-CLZ, 10320-3-MB, 10320-3-PB, 10320-3-PN, 10320-3-SB, 10320-3-SN, 10320-3-UPB, 10320-3-AB, 10320-3-AC, 10320-3-AMB, 10320-3-AP, 10320-3-DAB, 10320-3-DAC, 10320-3-DAMB, 10320-3-DAP, 10320-3-GR, 10320-3-MAP, 10320-3-MAC, 10320-3-MAB, 10320-3-MW, 10320-3-PC, 10320-3-SS
$2,342.25 $3,123.00
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