Herbeau - Royale 2 Hole Kitchen Mixer with White Lever Handles and White Handspray Handle

  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 30276348P (Antique Stained Wood/Polished Chrome), 30276349P (Antique Stained Wood/Solibrass), 30276350P (Antique Stained Wood/Matte Black Nickel), 30276355P (Antique Stained Wood/Polished Brass), 30276356P (Antique Stained Wood/Polished Nickel), 30276380P (Antique Stained Wood/Lacquered Polished Copper), 30276371P (Antique Stained Wood/Lacquered Polished Black Nickel), 30276347P (Antique Stained Wood/French Weathered Brass), 30276368P (Antique Stained Wood/Antique Lacquered Brass), 30272060P (White/Satin Nickel), 30276367P (Antique Stained Wood/Antique Lacquered Copper), 30276360P (Antique Stained Wood/Satin Nickel), 30276370P (Antique Stained Wood/Weathered Brass), 30272080P (White/Polished Lacquered Copper), 30272071P (White/Polished Black Nickel), 30272070P (White/Weathered Brass), 30272068P (White/Antique Lacquered Brass), 30272067P (White/Antique Lacquered Copper), 30272055P (White/Polished Brass), 30272056P (White/Polished Nickel), 30272057P (White/Brushed Nickel), 30272048P (White/Polished Chrome), 30272047P (White/French Weathered Brass), 30272049P (White/Solibrass), 30276357P (Antique Stained Wood/Brushed Nickel), 30272050P (White/Matte Black Nickel)
$2,197.44 $3,052.00
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