Graff - Terra Pressure Balancing Valve Trim with Handle and Diverter

  • Special Order For 24K Gold Plated, 24K Brushed Gold Plated, Brushed Brass PVD, Brushed Onyx PVD, Gunmetal PVD, Matte Black, Olive Bronze, Onyx PVD, Polished Brass PVD, Architectural White
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): G-7080-LM46S-OB-T, G-7080-LM46S-AU-T, G-7080-LM46S-WT-T, G-7080-LM46S-PN-T, G-7080-LM46S-PC-T, G-7080-LM46S-PB-T, G-7080-LM46S-OX-T, G-7080-LM46S-MBK-T, G-7080-LM46S-GM-T, G-7080-LM46S-BOX-T, G-7080-LM46S-BNi-T, G-7080-LM46S-BK-T, G-7080-LM46S-BAU-T, G-7080-LM46S-BB-T
$422.25 $563.00
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