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Duravit - Qatego Wall Mount Vanity 1600mm x 550mm

Duravit - Qatego Wall Mount Vanity 1600mm x 550mm


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Bath, Bath, Bath Furniture, Duravit, Duravit Qatego - Series, Other Bath Furniture,
White High Gloss-Oak Terra, White High Gloss, White High Gloss-Black Oak, White High Gloss-Marbled Oak, White Matt,
Product Type:
Bath Furniture
  • 2 drawers, 2 pull-out compartments, upper drawer including cut-out for siphon and siphon cover, 1 console with two cut-outs
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): QA4779022550000 (White High Gloss-Marbled Oak), QA4779022350000 (White High Gloss-Oak Terra), QA4779022220000 (White High Gloss), QA4779018180000 (White Matt), QA4779022160000 (White High Gloss-Black Oak)