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Dado - Marina Bathtub 71 Inch - Internal overflow

Dado - Marina Bathtub 71 Inch - Internal overflow


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White / Polish, White / Matte, Black / Matte, Black / Polish, Champagne / Matte, Champagne / Polish, Charcoal / Matte, Charcoal / Polish, Duck Egg / Matte, Duck Egg / Polish, Gray / Matte, Gray / Polish, Navy / Matte, Navy / Polish,
Product Type:
  • Thin-edge bathtub
    71.0 x 31.5 x 23.5 Inch
    Female name of Latin origin, meaning “from the sea”. The Marina is striking with its simple and elegant shape and is well-suited for any type of bathroom design. A most comfortable bathtub, made for long soaks.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 10SG109-0200 (Polish Black), 10SW109-0200 (Matte Black), 10SG109-0700 (Polish Champagne), 10SW109-0700 (Matte Champagne), 10SW109-0300 (Matte Charcoal), 10SG109-0300 (Polish Charcoal), 10SG109-0400 (Polish Gray), 10SW109-0400 (Matte Gray), 10SW109-0600 (Matte Navy), 10SG109-0500 (Polish Duck Egg), 10SW109-0500 (Matte Duck Egg), 10SW109 (Matte White), 10SG109 (Polish White), 10SG109-0600 (Polish Navy)