Brizo - Levoir Hydrachoice H2O kinetic Invigorating Spray Head

  • Watersense
  • H2O kinetic Technology with self-cleaning spray holes
    Automatically extend 1 11/32 Inch when water is turned on
    Interchangeable by user offering choice and differentiation in feel
    Adjust up to 50 Deg in any direction when extended
    3 3/4 Inch diameter
  • Specification File
    • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): SH84102-PC, SH84102-BNX, SH84102-BL, SH84102-NK, SH84102-PN, SH84102-RB, SH84102-BN, SH84102-SL, SH84102-GL, SH84102-PG
    $26.64 $37.00
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