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Alfi - Small Rectangular Fireclay Undermount or Drop In Prep / Bar Sink

Alfi - Small Rectangular Fireclay Undermount or Drop In Prep / Bar Sink


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Undermount Sinks
  • Dimensions (Inches): 18.25 x 12.25 x 7.4
  • This 12” square undermount fireclay prep sink is designed as the perfect side sink to compliment the fireclay farm sinks. It is made of the same high quality durable fireclay and will have the exact same white color. Now you can enjoy the many benefits of a fireclay sink also as your secondary sink.
  • The glazing of the sink surface provides both durability and shine over long periods of time. The raw material used (fine fireclay) allows for uniformity in the finish.
    The sinks glaze is practically impervious to threatening particles from food preparation. Stains do not penetrate the glaze and can be easily wiped away. Acids and chemical cleaners have virtually no adverse effect on sink. Coffee stains, cigarette burns, and other daily occurrences that would adversely effect kitchen sinks made from other materials, are easily wiped away on fireclay sinks.
    These sinks are not adversely affected by scratches from pots, pans, knifes, etc.
    Thermal Shock (very hot or very cold water) has no effect whatsoever on the sink.
    Standard 3 ½” center drain and can be used with a garbage disposal.
    Compatible with a garbage disposal. Certified by Uniform Plumbing Code (cUPC)
    The top edge of this sink is fully glazed so it can be installed as a drop in or undermount.
    It is required to support the sink from beneath even if installed as a drop in. This ensures that the entire weight of the sink isn't resting only on its edges.
    Due to the organic nature of the fireclay, material dimensions may vary by 1/8 Inch of an inch. We recommend having the sink on location to trace and measure for countertop and cabinet cut outs. Furthermore , minor imperfections may appear. These are not defects; this is what makes each sink uniquely its own. Defective sinks will not pass our quality control inspection and would be recycled into a new sink at the factory.
    Can be installed via Under-Mount (countertop Over edge of sink), Top-Mount (countertop Under edge of sink), or Flush-Mount (countertop Even with sink)
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): AB1218