Safe Proof Your Home For Your Children

So you’re about to have a child. Is your home child-proof? Fortunately, there are so many small upgrades to choose from that would make it safe for your little one to roam about without ruining the ambiance and decor of your home.

How can you upgrade your home to be safe for your child?

Windows. While regulations call for safe glass to be set in place, you still have to prevent your child from accidentally running into them and having an accident. Go with horizontal divider designs. There are many to choose from. However, if this is not to your liking, you can add a pattern or textured sticker to your glass so that your child knows it’s there.

Doors. Have you considered installing Dutch doors? They can minimize the need for baby gates in your doorways. It will also allow the ability to hear what’s going on in the next room and avoid a runaway toddler.

Rounded edges. This is definitely a must with active kids. Wherever possible, purchase with rounded edges to avoid ugly accidents. Doing minor rounded-edge renovations on your own is also possible with the right tools and guidance.

Brizo Temperature Control Technology

Temperature regulators. There are various options that your plumber can install to regulate the temperature of your bathroom sinks and tubs. This is an amazing fix for when your child decides to play with water valves during bath time. You will avoid lots of burning accidents.

Heat pumps. If you live in an older home, you probably have heaters. These may pose a threat to your child. Purchasing a heat pump could minimize the chance of your child having access to being burned.

Home appliances. Children often can reach knobs on a stove easily in the kitchen. They are attracted to them simply because toys that help with dexterity often have knobs. For this reason, your child may confuse the stove with a huge toy. Purchase appliances that have knobs on eye level and away from arm's reach of a toddler.

In the laundry room, consider top loaders as opposed to front loaders. While front loaders are more attractive, it provides more hiding places for curious little ones that are fun for them, but not as appealing to you.

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Hinges and hooks. Sometimes children could get their little fingers stuck in slamming cabinet doors. Avoid that by purchasing hinges that stop the doors from slamming. As the cabinets close slowly, the impact is lessened. The child also has more time to move their hand out of the way. They may also try to get into refrigerators. There are many inexpensive refrigerator hacks that will allow you to install non-permanent hooks and an elastic band to keep them from opening up the refrigerator door.

With these easy tips, you can ensure the safety of your children as well as your visiting ones. When remodeling or building your home, you can easily incorporate these safety measures. PlumbTile is renowned for offering the finest name brand bath, kitchen and tile Consumer-Friendly products. Our commitment to responsible business practices includes a commitment to friendly products and customer policies.

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