Dress Up Your Kitchen With Accessories

Dress Up Your Kitchen With Accessories

Kitchen makeovers are essential to any home. It makes the most sense to start here. This is where even the smallest of upgrades can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the heart of your home. Adding accessories or updating your old ones can ensure that you have the look and technology that even the newest kitchens have to offer.


DXV Kitchen Faucets


Installing a new faucet helps the look and functionality of your sink area. A taller faucet will ensure that you're able to get water in even the tallest of pots and pans without having to worry about making a mess. Adding a sprayer means you can focus a blast of water on any mess in a pot, pan, or around your sink. There are many different heights, styles, and finishes to choose from - you can choose to match what you already have in your home or start an entirely new look from faucets to cabinet hardware that will give your kitchen a completely updated look without having to disrupt your home for weeks.

Kitchen Counter Trash Chutes

This is an idea that's starting to catch on in kitchens everywhere - a trash chute in your counter that goes directly to your garbage, compost, or recycling bin. No more having to open cabinet doors to toss your refuse! This means no more dirty hands on the cabinets, and no more having your guests see your trash in the kitchen. For those with pets, this is a great way to ensure they don't get into something that can be harmful to them - or leave a mess for you to clean up! There are many designs to choose from and many innovative ways to include this in your daily routine.

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Cabinet Hardware

Whenever you update your kitchen, you must pay attention to the smallest detail; they can make one of the biggest differences. One thing most overlook is the cabinet pulls and knobs. There is such a large variety of designs - shapes, finishes, materials, sizes, and placements - that the options can seem endless. These pulls and knobs aren't just limited to the kitchen. Be sure to check out the whole selection to see just how creative you can be with such a small piece of hardware! Known for its wide array of high-quality wireless and wired doorbells, door chimes and bell pushes, Byron Bells is a world leader in decorative door hardware and fittings.

Sink Strainers and Traps

How many times have you noticed that your shiny metal sink strainer isn't so shiny anymore? Do you notice scratches, dents, or even corroded spots? It is amazing how much difference this one tiny, inexpensive upgrade can make. It can make an old sink look new; go from "Oh, that sink is old and looks that way" to "Oh, that sink is vintage and looks amazing!". Plumbtile offers a wide variety to choose from.


There are so many other accessories you can add to your kitchen; kitchen sinks, counters, cutting boards, prep bowls, soap, and lotion dispensers, sink grids, and basin racks - those are just a few. Every item you add to your kitchen will help you spend a more pleasant time in the room that is so often called the heart of the home.

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