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Graff - Contemporary Pressure Balancing Shower Set (Trim Only)

Graff - Contemporary Pressure Balancing Shower Set (Trim Only)


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Bath, Graff, Graff Finezza UNO - Series, Shower Controls, Showers & Accessories,
Polished Chrome, Unfinished Brass, Polished Nickel, Architectural White, Matte Black, Architectural Black, Brushed Nickel, Unfinished Brushed Brass, Vintage Brushed Brass, Olive Bronze, Brushed Brass PVD, Brushed Onyx PVD, Brushed OR'osa PVD, OR'osa PVD, Onyx PVD, Gunmetal PVD, Polished Brass PVD, 24K Brushed Gold Plated, 24K Gold Plated,
Product Type:
Pressure Bal Shower Sets
  • Special Order For 24K Gold Plated, 24K Brushed Gold Plated, Brushed Brass PVD, Architectural Black, Brushed Onyx PVD, Brushed OR'osa PVD, Gunmetal PVD, Matte Black, Onyx PVD, Polished Brass PVD, OR'osa PVD, Unfinished Brushed Brass, Unfinished Brass, Vintage Brushed Brass, Architectural White
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): G-7287-C15S-WT-T, G-7287-C15S-VBB-T, G-7287-C15S-UB-T, G-7287-C15S-BRG-T, G-7287-C15S-AU-T, G-7287-C15S-BOX-T, G-7287-C15S-RG-T, G-7287-C15S-BAU-T, G-7287-C15S-MBK-T, G-7287-C15S-UBB-T, G-7287-C15S-PN-T, G-7287-C15S-BNi-T, G-7287-C15S-GM-T, G-7287-C15S-OB-T, G-7287-C15S-BK-T, G-7287-C15S-OX-T, G-7287-C15S-PB-T, G-7287-C15S-BB-T, G-7287-C15S-PC-T