Waterstone - Annapolis Prep Faucet - 3Pc. Suite

  • The Waterstone 4800-3 is a classic collection of food prep faucet and accessories and is an ideal solution for any kitchen island or wet bar sink. It starts with our innovative traditional Annapolis Prep Kitchen Faucet. A product design that exemplifies the pride and prestige of the US Naval Academy. The matching side spray has an ergonomic insulated handle and wide spray pattern. The soap/lotion dispenser replaces the ugly soap pump bottles that can clutter a sink. The air-powered disposal switch is a convenient alternative to a wall switch. All accessories match the faucet in both style and finish. Annapolis' vintage look and functionality will enhance any cooking experience in your traditional kitchen.
  • Suite includes faucet, side spray, soap dispenser and air switch.
    Faucet and accessories match in both style and finish.
    Perfect for smaller island sinks.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 4800-3-CH, 4800-3-ABZ, 4800-3-ORB, 4800-3-SC, 4800-3-TB, 4800-3-BLN, 4800-3-CB, 4800-3-CHB, 4800-3-CLZ, 4800-3-MB, 4800-3-PB, 4800-3-PN, 4800-3-SB, 4800-3-SN, 4800-3-UPB, 4800-3-AB, 4800-3-AC, 4800-3-AMB, 4800-3-AP, 4800-3-DAB, 4800-3-DAC, 4800-3-DAMB, 4800-3-DAP, 4800-3-GR, 4800-3-MAP, 4800-3-MAC, 4800-3-MAB, 4800-3-MW, 4800-3-PC
$2,677.50 $3,570.00
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