Waterstone - Towson Kitchen Faucet - 12 Inch Articulated Spout W/ Side Spray

  • The Waterstone 4100-12-1 is a collection of faucet and accessories with a traditional look and today's ingenuity. It starts with our unique traditional Towson Kitchen Faucet with an articulated spout. An elegant design that provides a professional functionality. The matching side spray has an ergonomic insulated handle and wide spray pattern. All accessories match the faucet in both style and finish. Towson's innovative design will enhance the look of any traditional kitchen.
  • Suite includes faucet and side spray.
    Faucet and accessories match in both style and finish.
    Faucet has an articulated spout with a 12 Inch reach.
    Lifetime Functional Warranty
    Made in the USA
    Made with eco-friendly solid brass.
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): 4100-12-1-CH, 4100-12-1-ABZ, 4100-12-1-ORB, 4100-12-1-SC, 4100-12-1-TB, 4100-12-1-BLN, 4100-12-1-CB, 4100-12-1-CHB, 4100-12-1-CLZ, 4100-12-1-MB, 4100-12-1-PB, 4100-12-1-PN, 4100-12-1-SB, 4100-12-1-SN, 4100-12-1-UPB, 4100-12-1-AB, 4100-12-1-AC, 4100-12-1-AMB, 4100-12-1-AP, 4100-12-1-DAB, 4100-12-1-DAC, 4100-12-1-DAMB, 4100-12-1-DAP, 4100-12-1-GR, 4100-12-1-MAP, 4100-12-1-MAC, 4100-12-1-MAB, 4100-12-1-MW, 4100-12-1-PC
$2,088.75 $2,785.00
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