Infinity Drain - 32 Inch FT Series Complete Kit

  • Side Outlet, Tile Insert Frame, Stainless Steel Channel, 32 Inch Complete FTTIF 65 Kit
  • Fixed Flange - Side Outlet: Pre-pitched channel with set length with center outlet location
    Waterproofing: Liquid membrane, Fabric sheet
    16 gauge, 304 stainless steel tile-in top grate with stainless steel channel
    Finished width: 2 Inch , Min. height above subfloor: 1-3/16 Inch
    Capacity: 9 gallons per minute
    No-hub connection to waste line with rubber coupling (not included)
    Recess channel into subfloor with placement brackets ST 65
    Metal edge detail available ME 96
  • Compatible with Liquid/Fabric waterproofing
    Capacity: 9 gallons per minute
    2 Inch No-hub side outlet connection via rubber coupling (not included with channel)
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): FTTIF 6532 SS, FTTIF 6532 PS, FTTIF 6532 SB, FTTIF 6532 ORB, FTTIF 6532 BK
$502.50 $670.00
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