Duravit - 23-5/8 Inch XViu Furniture washbasin c-bonded with vanity wall-mounted

  • 2 drawers, upper drawer including cut-out for siphon and siphon cover, furniture washbasin Viu included, without overflow, 503x600x480mm
    With one faucet hole
  • Manufacturer's Part Number(s): XV4614OB207P, XV4614OB216P, XV4614OB218P, XV4614OB221P, XV4614OB230P, XV4614OB235P, XV4614OB249P, XV4614OB279P, XV4614OB291P, XV4614OB222P, XV4614OB275P, XV4614OB213P, XV4614OB269P, XV4614OB272P, XV4614OB280P, XV4614OB240P, XV4614OB285P
$2,028.00 $3,120.00
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